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The Official Venue is at Bayleaf Intramuros, Manila.

About Bayleaf, Intramuros

Within the protective three mile-long circuit of massive stone walls rose a city of churches, palaces, museums, fine courtyards and finally, The Bayleaf Intramuros. Launched in November 2011, this boutique hotel promises a restful experience for its guests given its 5 star quality beddings, room amenities and a spacious bathroom.

About Intramuros

This was where everything started. And for almost four hundred years, this city within a city was the seat of government, culture, religion, education, trade and commerce and arts. Life in Intramuros was the standard against which all other lifestyles in the rest of the country were judged.

But time has challenged these walls so often in the past that it is highly surprising Intramuros still stands today.

Scores of gunfire and bombs, earthquakes, fires and one world war…and a bulldozer of calamity and neglect very nearly spelled the death of this city.

 In the years following the war, other priorities got in the way of rebuilding the Walled City. There were some sporadic attempts to rebuild the entire city but, these were more focused on reconstructing the walls and gates rather than on a holistic approach to urban renewal and heritage conservation.

And this remained so, until the creation of the Intramuros Administration under Presidential Decree 1616 on April 10, 1979 inspired by a vision to rebuild Intramuros into a living, breathing, livable city where the legacy of our colonial past can be nurtured and balanced with the urban fabric of life and economic interests. 

Today, efforts to preserve the Walled City and revive its illustrious past are stronger than ever. The present generation of Filipinos has come to realize its historical value. As in the days of our forefathers, Intramuros is a priceless treasure to be shared with the world. Visit Intramuros and have a glimpse of the country’s 400 - year old history of religion, politics, trading arts and culture.


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Near the Venue
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Bocobo St, Ermita, Manila
Tel No. 5263783
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Natividad Lopez St., Ermita
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